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What is Circles?

Circles® Gwinnett County is our community’s involvement in a proven national movement with the objective of eradicating poverty in America. Circles USA® Initiative is a high-impact community strategy to end poverty one family at a time by building intentional personal relationships across economic classes and races. Circles® Gwinnett County is a true community-wide initiative that invites direct involvement from the business community, faith community, social service community, healthcare community, education community and local government. To learn more about the National Circles Movement check out:

How Does Circles Work?

Circles® provides a comprehensive program for people who are willing to and ready to move of poverty. In the initial 18-week Circle Leader Training Class, participants establish Goals and Future Plans and learn new tools to secure and sustain better jobs.

Once participants graduate from Circle Leader Training, they are known as Circle Leaders and are then matched with 2-4 community volunteers known as Allies. Allies offer Circle Leaders advocacy and support as they work toward their goal of economic self-sufficiency.

Circle Leaders and Allies gather at Weekly Community Meetings to provide support and network with one another. Meetings include a community meal, childcare and programming for the children and youth, community building, leadership development opportunities, and programming and activities to support the efforts of Circle Leaders moving out of poverty. At Big View Meetings, held once a month, causes of poverty, including systemic barriers, are identified and addressed.

Resource teams are groups of community volunteers who serve to support and lead the direction of Circles of Gwinnett County.

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Volunteers are welcome to become involved as an Circle Ally/Mentor and joining Rainbow Village in our community approach to addressing poverty and supporting our families. This is a great opportunity for all who are interested in developing and cultivating relationships with families who are less fortunate and need mentor-ship.

A Circle is a supportive, befriending relationship between one Circle Leader and two Allies. Circles' mission is to inspire and equip families and communities to thrive and end poverty. Circles foster relationships across socio-economic lines and partners individuals and families looking to move out of poverty (Circle Leaders) with community volunteers (Allies) who have a passion for bringing change.

An Ally is a community member who wants to be in a supportive intentional, befriending relationship with an individual or family working to get out of poverty. Allies provide a support system.

Allies are volunteers who engage in an intentional, befriending relationship with an individual or family working to become economically self-sufficient. Allies work with their Circle Leader to figure out how to accomplish his or her plan for self-sufficiency. Allies receive a 3-4 sessions of training to equip them in supporting Circle Leaders in their path out of poverty. Interested in learning more? Please email

As a community, we strive to provide an effective and broad social network of peers and allies that increase and sustain results for people moving out of poverty. Taking the systemic approach, we can effectively eliminate community barriers that prevent people from achieving economic stability. Solutions that we contribute to ending barriers include:

  • Car Donation Programs

  • Predatory lending rate caps

  • Increased affordable housing

  • Sustaining affordable childcare

  • Expanding affordable health services

  • More advanced career opportunities